Participation method

Don’t you become our member?

Association of Japanese aerial cableway has general member, administration member, three kinds of the member of company.


・General member

One (participation by the personal unit) that I do not do an aerial cableway, but is interesting


・Administration member

Person (participation by the personal unit) who runs an aerial cableway)


・Member of company

Aerial cableway itself (participation by the company unit)


1    I send an email from the inquiry form of the homepage and make member application. At this time, the person running a steering wheel name and an e-mail address and an aerial cableway do not forget to fill in the aerial cableway name.


2    A steering wheel name and an aerial cableway name running are added to a list of members within a few days. Participation is finished in this about a general member, the administration member formally.


3    Because it is replied, 2 and a password to update a homepage approximately at the same time make the introduction page of one's aerial cableway using it.

①Log in. 

②Because editing of the navigation is displayed when I put cursors together to navigation, I click it.

③Based on the local name that one's aerial cableway goes, I add the page of one's company.

④Edit. (a design or contents entrust you entirely about the company's page.) Please make it to like 

4    The member of company joins it in this formally, too.