The history

Untill the web is made

Fictitious railway is a "non-existent railray".So if someone imagine a railway that does not actully exist,it means that the "fictitious railway" is in the person's brain at the time.


Untill the web is made people was not easy to expression the fictitious railway.But it was possible to represented by model railway and publication.


 Especially model railways were often given a name like "******railway" to it,but often it was be a name as a layout just in.Some of them was given a variety of settings to the world of the railway which embodies in the layout with a world of its own.


It can be said such works, was also expressed using the model railroad that the author had imagined in there head.I think that is a fictional railway expressed in the form of "the layout of model railway."


As a circle that was published a fanzine fictional railway,the railway management technical committee of the Yamagata University and OKET publication society by Mr.Taku Ensaka.

Generation of community and to the web

The mid-1990s,the web spread to people,then persons attempt to represent the fictional railway at a website on the internet.Because we can transmit information more easily than using a paper and others.


 It isn't clear when the website has been released the fictitious railway content did exist. Hokubu-Kyuko-Dentetsu,which opened on December 31, 1996 is considered to be the oldest in the class of fictional railway site on record. 


 When the movement that exposes the fictitious railway on the web has spread,community portal site is open for the purpose that a person of the same hobbies through the web,search the site of a another fictitious railway or advertised the sites that he had made.


 Pioneer of community site for the general public is Japan-Fictitious-Railway-Association(1st), that established in 1999.It was included a BBS for interaction and a registration type link collection,they advertised theirself "the pioneer of fictitious railway community".


 Others,OKET publication society and the railway management technical committee of the Yamagata University was working publishing fanzine at one time.In 1998 they had opened a VRS as a community site for members when both are fused together.In March 2000,they renewed in a way that is open to the public.From the viewpoint of high functionality and easiness registering,gained popularity more than the Japan-Fictitious-Railway-Association(1st) that was starter of a community site for the general public.

Confusion of the communities

From 2000 to 2001,two large community site on behalf of the Web is a fictional railway industry hobby appear all together.It have contributed significantly to the expansion of the range of interests in a fictional railway on the Web.

However, while I can now freely publish the fictional railway by the Web,people that Crate the content than post a story to a community site were increased(commonly called "a make-believe fictional railway companies").For example, a post handouts of story, flooded when a bad weather or a typhoons or aheavy snow.Also among participants and cause trouble on the communities.Often became confused situation in which the community occurs.







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